Sunday, 23 Jun, 2024
Sunday, 23 Jun, 2024
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`Sunerah will be responsible for ruining my marriage ‘

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`Sunerah will be responsible for ruining my marriage ‘
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Sunerah gave a Facebook status pointing to Parimani after this video was released on Monday night.

Where this heroine said, 'I have known Raj for more than 10 years. He was a very good friend of mine. But since her marriage, we had almost no contact. That day we met in a dubbing studio. We took pictures together. I don't know what crime it is to take a picture with an old friend. His wife is mad about it for no reason.'

Pointing to Raj's wife Parimani, Sunerah said, 'Please don't overdo it. Because I am sure, his (Raj's) ID has been hacked. And we all know who hacked, who needs no reason to make a public noise (he did). I will take legal action against anyone who spreads these videos.'

Pari got angry after this statement from Sunerah. He also spoke about it in the media. He mentioned that Sunerah would be responsible if she broke up with Raj.  Parimani said, 'I don't know that girl (Sunerah). I have never spoken to him. Then why is he making nonsense comments about me? Many have seen the videos published on Raj's Facebook. How was his language there? And were they normal? What kind of friendship is it? Raj's Facebook was not hacked. This girl did it! Because when Raj sleeps he has no consciousness.

Pari also said we were very good with family life. But many people don't like it. So they are behind my family. Have you seen his speech? Now understand. People think that I drink all the wine in the country! All others are washed basil leaves. That girl threatened, scared of the law - is the law only for her? I will also see him, there is a limit to patience! I think she (Sunerah) is trying to break my family.

Dismissing the long rumors that the family life is not going well, Parimani said, where do people get such nonsense? We are fine, we are happy. I am fine with acting and family life - no one likes it. So these things are spreading. I can't catch my breath because of the promotion of the film for the past few days. In between, there is trouble again. The result will not be good if you beat me!