Tuesday, 23 Apr, 2024
Tuesday, 23 Apr, 2024
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Did you ever think of applying coffee topically?

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Did you ever think of applying coffee topically?

Coffee is a stimulant which has both health and skin benefits. It is actually a very big part of our morning breakfast and evening snacks. Mostly, people are aware of its health benefits but rarely do they know about its contribution for a healthy glow to our skin.

Let’s enlighten ourselves by reading further about benefits of caffeine for our skin. As winter is a time when our skin starts behaving in a different way, we need to nourish our skin in a matured way. Let’s switch to the caffeine facewash by Lafz for better results as applying coffee topically can change one’s skin dramatically.

Lafz – the ultimate choice of people. Leave your skin problems into the hands of an expert this winter which is Lafz caffeine facewash as it is a blend of Arabica coffee and Aloe vera extracts. The greatest part about this facewash is its in-built brush attached at the neck of the bottle apart from the ingredients. Due to the silicon bristles, this product is extremely friendly to the skin while making the circular strokes as this does not crease up the skin and exfoliates the dead cells of the face easily. Anyone with any type of skin can easily use this without a second thought.

Here, is a list of 6 reasons as why you should be using Lafz caffeine face wash:

1) Fighting early signs of ageing – Premature ageing can be kept at bay with this magical product as it is enriched with arabica coffee which is a wonderful antioxidant for skin to hold its tightness and elasticity.

2) Restoring the calmness of the skin – Arabica coffee has the goodness of flavonoids which gives a complete soothing feeling to the skin and that makes one feel rejuvenated.

3) Takes care of inflammation – As this astounding face wash has the power to neutralize free radicals, it takes care of inflammation just like an expert by repairing the damage of skin.

4) Boosts collagen production- Sagginess, wrinkles and fine lines are not an issue anymore as frequent use of this face wash increases collagen and makes skin firmer.

5) Eradicates dark spots – Extracts of aloe vera plays a vital role in lightening blemishes, black spots and effects of tanning.

6) Keeps skin moisturized and dewy – This facewash is enriched with extracts of aloe vera and holy basil to keep skin hydrated and pleasant.

Go grab yours https://tinyurl.com/nnu7w2h4 today and keep your skin concerns away.