Thursday, 28 Sep, 2023
Thursday, 28 Sep, 2023
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Why is Vitamin C so important as an ingredient in a face wash

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Why is Vitamin C so important as an ingredient in a face wash

Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient required for tackling several skin issues. Not only is it a great source of anti - oxidant but it has great anti – inflammatory properties as well. It is one of the best ingredients to rely upon for brightening and radiance. Let’s dive in to find out more about this brightening face wash by Zayn and Myza.

Features of Zayn and Myza foaming face wash

This wonderful product comes with an in- built applicator to rotate on the skin surface to get rid of impurities and clear out pores. The micro bubbles released while applying on the face are used for deep cleansing as it totally clears away grime and dirt. Apart from these wonderful qualities, it is absolutely free from animal ingredients and cruelty. Therefore, to get a budget friendly and effective face wash for your daily use turn to ZM foaming face wash.

Green flags of Zayn and Myza foaming face wash

Flawless radiance – To get a perfect brightening solution and eliminate dull skin, one can always resort to ZM foaming face wash. Gets rid of free radicals – This is a perfect solution to create a barrier against sun damage and free radicals. Once the free radicals are taken care of, premature ageing can be kept at bay.

No sulphates and Parabens – This face wash is free from toxic chemicals like sulphates and parabens which ensures the safest and purest form of skin care that one can give their skin. Smaller molecular structure – This attribute of this face wash helps better penetration of the actives into the skin to reduce dark spots, hyper – pigmentation and pimple marks.

Hydrates the skin – Packed with the combination of Aloe vera gel and Holy Basil to keep the skin moisturized. Maintains the Ph- balance of the skin – This face wash removes the filth from the skin gently without disrupting the natural oil balance of one’s face which is rarely seen.

Don’t wait until the stock gets over. Order or buy right away. You will soon start to love your experiences with ZM foaming face wash.