Saturday, 01 Oct, 2022
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Indifference towards vaccination

Covid Cases Rising Again

Mahmudul Hasan

Covid Cases Rising Again
  • 3.3 million people have yet to take the first dose
  • First dose vaccination providing is closing off from next month
  • Corona increased by 28 percent during the week
  • 60 percent of the deceased were not vaccinated

Corona virus infection is starting a show a grim sign again. Detections increased by more than 28 percent last week over the previous week. Three of the five people who died last week had not received any vaccinations. The detection rate is increasing every day. The National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 has recommended five points, including compulsory mask wearing, strengthening vaccination programs and reducing the cost of corona tests at the private level to control the infection. Or the covid situation may worsen from next month.

Meanwhile, the first dose of the preventive vaccine is going to stop at the beginning of next month. Because people‍‍`s interest in vaccinations has decreased, unused vaccines are expiring. On the other hand, 3.3 million people have not received any vaccination. Booster dose and second dose also have gross negligence.

Recently, Health Minister Zahid Malek said that I will not be able to give the first dose from October 3, and it will be difficult to give the second dose. Because many vaccines are past their expiration date, the vaccine may not be available. He said, about 33 lakh people did not take the first dose, about 94 lakh people did not take the second dose. Besides, booster doses have been given to about four crore people. However, it has been said to launch another vaccination campaign from September 28 to October 3 to encourage the common people to get vaccinated.

Public health experts say that those who have not received a single dose of the corona vaccine are developing the most complications from Covid. In this case, older people will create more crisis. According to the 37th Epidemiological Report of the Department of Health on Corona Virus, 27 thousand 326 samples were tested in the last week from September 12 to September 18. Two thousand 727 people have been identified in it. Before that, in one week from September 5 to September 11, 28 thousand 357 people were tested and 2 thousand 126 people were tested for corona. During this week, the patient detection rate has increased by 28.3 percent. 601 people in number.
According to the report of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the total population of the country is 17 crore three lakh 17 thousand 77 people. According to the information of the Department of Health last Monday, 10 crore 52 lakh 68 thousand 26 people have registered on the protection website across the country. Among them, 9 crore 14 lakh 93 thousand 597 people have used national identity card number. 16 lakh 74 thousand 225 people registered with passport number and 1 crore 21 lakh 204 people registered with birth certificate. In addition to the registration on the app, several crores of people have been vaccinated through mass vaccination conducted by the government at various times. As such, 13 crore 11 lakh 27 thousand 364 people have taken the first Redaz vaccination so far. Among them, 12 crore 15 lakh 83 thousand 776 people have received the second dose of vaccination.

On the other hand only 4 crore 49 lakh 28 thousand 916 people took booster dose. 1 crore 73 lakh 62 thousand 31 people took the first dose between 12 to 17 years of age. 1 crore 61 lakh 28 thousand 18 people took the second dose. Immunization program has recently started for five to 11 year olds. There they took the first dose 11 lakh six thousand 667 people.

The former director of the disease control branch of the Department of Health Benzir Ahmed told Daily Post, 3.3 million people have not received the first dose of vaccination, it is a risky matter. A list of those who have not yet received the first dose of the vaccine could be brought up to date quickly if possible. Because the people of Bangladesh are not against vaccination. Marginal people, why older people should take vaccines was lacking from the start in making the case. The first dose is coming off next month.

Therefore, a more proactive role should be played in the strategy of publicity campaigns and immunization programs. He said, after reviewing the data, it was found that those who did not receive a single dose of the vaccine were developing the most complications. If it is an elderly person, it will create more crisis.