Sunday, 23 Jun, 2024
Sunday, 23 Jun, 2024
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New Curriculum

Crisis not yet over soon

Md. Naimul Haque

Crisis not yet over soon


- Parents, angry with minister's words, demand withdrawal of  statement

- Anti-curriculum campaign on social media

- Parents planning big movement



This course will harm students future

  Dr. Kamrul Hasan Mamun, DU Professor

If you have patience, you will get something good

Rasheda K Chowdhury, Eminent Educationist



Parents were hesitant about the new curriculum from the beginning of the year. After six months passed, their suspicions became reality. The victims started a movement with this. For the past two months, parents have been building an anti-curriculum movement through social media and campaigning in schools. Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni spoke about their movement.

In a recent press conference, he referred to the agitators as 'coaching businessmen'. The parents are trying to protest against this. They alleged that the minister made such comments to question their logical movement. In a written statement, the parents demanded the withdrawal of such statements. As a result, the doubts of the parents about the new curriculum do not disappear immediately. Educationists are also not in agreement about this new curriculum. Some people say to be patient but some say that this curriculum will harm future generations. It was known that there is no study in the new curriculum, there is no examination, the things that are being said that the students are not learning anything, the education minister Dipu Moni mentioned that as 'false information'. He explains 15 types of misinformation.

However, at one stage of the speech, she pointed out that there are lies about the new curriculum and textbooks and said, "We see that those who started this campaign through Facebook or social media and tried to turn the issue into a movement are coaching businessmen. Note and guidebook dealers joined with them. Because, they think, that if the new curriculum is implemented, the business will face losses. That is why they are coming down. Education Minister's statement on the new curriculum has been condemned by the  sikhha andolon sommilito ovivabok forum. They strongly opposed the education minister's press conference and speech in the National Assembly and said in a written statement that the nationwide movement is ongoing to demand the cancellation of the new national curriculum. Various kinds of discussion and criticism are going on about this. In the meantime, Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni has humiliated the protestors (teachers, parents, and education enthusiasts) in his speech. According to the notification signed by Amirul Islam, the education minister in his speech referred to the movement to cancel the education program as a fuel for coaching-guide traders. We are protesting this statement of the Education Minister. The education minister could judge the logic of our statement and give his opinion. But instead of doing so, the ugly and hateful comments she made about the movement are indicative of undemocratic behavior. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the education minister's statement and at the same time, the parents pledge to continue the movement until the current education system is canceled to protect future generations. Apart from this, in their written statement, they pointed out the wrong aspects of the education minister's speech. Parents are talking to parents of various educational institutions to build a large movement in this. They are regularly involving the parents through social media to bring down the mass movement. Rasheda K Chowdhury, a former advisor to the caretaker government and a prominent educationist, told The Daily Post that the biggest challenge now is the new curriculum. This curriculum is necessary to keep pace with the new age. Because there were different types of division in our education. Such as science, humanities, and business education. We know that science students don't know much about humanities. Humanities students don't know, the world is now working on rocket science and robotics. It takes time to understand anything new. The implementation of the new curriculum has been problematic from the very beginning. However, this does not mean that this curriculum is dead. This education will be good for our future generation. The authorities should give some time for that. Being new, there will be some mistakes, it is natural. This educator is talking about getting something good if you have a little patience. Dr. Kamrul Hasan Mamun, Professor of Physics at Dhaka University, said that this curriculum will not do much harm up to the class eighth. Students of class IX-X are suffering due to two reasons. First, everyone is being taught the same syllabus in class IX. As a result, the deep things of science are being left out.

Countries that do not have divisions in class 9 to class 10  have better systems. That is, instead of forcing them to read all 10 subjects, they have to read some optional subjects, that is, those who are interested in reading. For example, in the British curriculum, if someone takes triple science, he will study physics, biology, and chemistry as separate subjects and he will be able to go deeper into these subjects. Those who study the triple science will not study the combined science for good reason. One can also take higher mathematics if he wants. In other words, the British curriculum does not have divisions but there is a better system than that. In class 9 and class 10, keeping two or three subjects compulsory, many optional subjects like higher mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, combined science, economics, accounting, etc. can be kept. Second, the elimination of continuous assessment methods. Our country's social system, socioeconomic status of teachers, etc. does not support a continuous evaluation system. Possible in Finland, Switzerland, and Norway. Because the salary and social respect of teachers in those countries is very high. And if change is to be brought, it should be brought slowly. You will not find a single country in the world that completely changes everything in the country's education system.