Thursday, 28 Sep, 2023
Thursday, 28 Sep, 2023
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Forerunners in the race to become DMP Commissioner

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Forerunners in the race to become DMP Commissioner

Md. Shafiqul Islam, the current head of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), the largest unit of Bangladesh Police, his tenure will end on October 30. In the meantime, speculations are going on in various circles of the police, who is the 36th head of DMP, one of the most prestigious posts of Bangladesh Police. Those concerned say that one of the important and sensitive posts of the country is the post of DMP Commissioner. Which is equivalent to Additional IGP.

Although approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, in most cases the selection process for the appointment of this honorable post also depends on the choice of the Prime Minister.

In this case, apart from overall acceptance, career success, credibility, various equations have to be passed to sit in the post of DMP head. The current Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Habibur Rahman is ahead of the ongoing speculation in the police circles about several names as a possible commissioner in the light of the (possible) choice of the Home Ministry and the Prime Minister along with the equation of acceptance, success in career, credibility. After that, the names of Special Branch (SB) Police Chief Monirul Islam, Additional IGP Atiqul Islam and Mahbubur Rahman are also mentioned.

Dhaka Range DIG Habibur Rahman, who is at the top of the discussion to become the 36th Commissioner of DMP, has a smart and versatile visionary leadership of the police, was born in 1967 in Chandradighlia village of Gopalganj. He started his career as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in the 17th BCS police cadre. His courage, honesty, devotion and sincerity are widely appreciated by all, apart from the police force. 
Besides, he has been awarded the Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) three times and the President‍‍`s Police Medal (PPM) twice. DIG Habib has successfully held various important positions including Superintendent of Police (SP), Deputy Commissioner of DMP Headquarters, Additional DIG (Administration) of Police Headquarters, DIG Administration of Dhaka District. Apart from professional and humanitarian work, this versatile police officer has been serving as the general secretary of Bangladesh Kabaddi Federation and vice president of Asian Kabaddi Federation as a successful sports organizer.

Apart from this, he has also established a service-oriented organization, Uttaran Foundation, for the purpose of human service. At work, honesty, courage, efficiency and timely and visionary leadership qualities have already achieved multi-faceted success. His reputation in various quarters. The last feather added to the crown of DIG Habibur Rahman‍‍`s success is the Police Liberation War Museum. which was established at Rajarbagh Police Lines Telecom Bhavan by his single effort. It was opened for everyone on March 24, 2013. Later on January 23, 2017, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the newly constructed museum building right next to the police monument on the day of the inauguration of National Police Week.

In 2018, DIG Habib edited a book titled ‍‍`First Resistance in Liberation War‍‍` highlighting the glorious role of police in the Great Liberation War. Last Sunday (18 September 2022) the second edition of the book was also published. Besides, his research book ‍‍`Thar: The Language of the bede people‍‍` was published in this year‍‍`s Amar Ekushey Book Fair. In the book, he has taken the help of written books to convey the unknown language of Bedepalli to everyone.

Moreover, he also edited a book on Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal. The book highlights the issues of the minister‍‍`s childhood, studies, participation in the liberation war and his participation in politics. In December 2019, the book titled ‍‍`Nandit Sharasthamontri Bir Muktijoddha Asaduzzaman Khan‍‍` was published. Habibur Rahman has received great praise from various circles for working for the bede community. About two hundred families of Sandar Bede tribe live permanently in Hat Basudebpur village of Harirampur in Manikganj. Most of them are Muslims. 
However, if someone from this population dies, funeral and burial are not done as Muslims. If a family member died, they were not buried in any nearby cemetery. DIG Habib found and donated a place with the help of his colleagues for the welfare of this neglected community after learning about such a sad situation. Apart from this, he made an animal farm that has also ensured the employment of third gender people. DIG Habib has set a unique example of humanity by creating jobs in garment factories, parlors and food shops. Humanitarian DIG Habibur Rahman has now started working for the children of the sexual slums of Daulatdia. The benefits of which also match. In particular, Uttaran Foundation, created by his own initiative, is working to bring back hundreds of children from Vishnapalli to the mainstream of society.

After DIG Habib, Monirul Islam, head of Special Branch (SB) of Police, is in the discussion for this top post of police. He joined the 15th BCS. Monirul Islam was also born on June 15, 1970 in Bahara village of Muksudpur police station in Gopalganj. He graduated in British Law from Northumbria University. Joined Bangladesh Police as ASP in 1995 through Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination. He served nine years in the Intelligence Branch and two years in the Special Branch. DMP Additional Commissioner Monirul Islam also served as the head of the newly formed Counter-Terrorism and Trans-National Crime Unit of the police on February 16, 2016. His achievements in controlling militants and recovering firearms are notable. He also has special acceptance at the highest levels of government. He received the Bangladesh Police Medal and the President‍‍`s Police Medal in recognition of his career.

Also in the discussion is working as Additional IGP (Development) of Police Headquarters. Atiqul Islam and Industrial Police Chief (Additional IGP) Mahbubur Rahman. Atiq was born in 1966 in Jummapara of Kotwali police station in Rangpur district. He is a graduate in Pharmacology from IPGMR, (Institute of Post Graduate Medicine and Research) currently BSMMU and Post Graduate Diploma from University of Victoria, Australia. He joined the police cadre in 1991 through BCS-12th batch. And Mahbubur Rahman was born in Jamalpur‍‍`s Madarganj upazila. He obtained Honors and Masters Degree in Physics Department from Dhaka University. He joined 15th BCS in 1995 as Assistant Superintendent of Police. Served as ASP in Narsingdi District Police, as Circle ASP in Sadar Circle and Bajitpur Circle of Kishoreganj District and as ASP Sadar Circle in Netrakona District. Served as Assistant Police Commissioner (Kotwali) in Khulna Metropolitan Police. He was also working in RAB with Armed Police Battalion as Additional Superintendent of Police.