Saturday, 02 Dec, 2023
Saturday, 02 Dec, 2023
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October 28 conflict, violence

Govt explains to diplomats

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Govt explains to diplomats

Call on seven influential countries to exercise restraint

The concern of the common people about the internal political situation of the country is increasing. In particular, the clash that broke out around the rally of Awami League, BNP and Jamaat in the capital on October 28 has created concern among the common people as well as the diplomatic community. The governments of Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States have expressed deep concern over the violence surrounding the political rally in Dhaka on October 28. In a joint statement yesterday, the countries expressed concern. At the same time, the seven countries issued a statement expressing grief over the loss of lives in the violence and condolences to the injured. Meanwhile, on the same day, the government called diplomats of different countries working in Dhaka and highlighted the violence of October 28. Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen briefed the foreign diplomats on behalf of the government. He blamed the opposition for the violence.

The minister held an official briefing with foreign diplomats at the State Guest House Jamuna yesterday afternoon. Heads of almost all foreign missions working in Dhaka as well as heads of the United Nations and various international organizations were present. Law Minister Anisul Huq, PM's Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman F Rahman, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam and Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen were present on the occasion.

"We are shocked by what happened on October 28. However, we were not so surprised as BNP-Jamaat had experienced violence in the past. "Sadly, we expected them to change, but they didn't. Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen has said, "We strongly condemn the clashes and violence that the opposition party BNP has committed in the name of peaceful processions and they must be brought to justice." The main purpose of what they have done in the last few days is to ensure that the election is not free and fair. They have done such misdeeds to thwart the election. "We have called foreign ambassadors for this. I told them what happened here on the 28th.

I've also highlighted what has been done about a person as a false adviser to President Biden. Dr Momen urged BNP to come to the polls. "We will request them (BNP) to come to the polls. The government changes through elections. We will hold elections according to our constitution. Any attempt to topple the government through political violence is absurd. You come to the polls. 

Representatives of various UN agencies and international organizations, including foreign diplomatic missions in Dhaka, including the United States, India, China, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, South Korea, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, the EU, the United Nations, the OIC, BIMSTEC, attended the briefing.

"We reiterated the prime minister's commitment to free, fair and fair elections. The election will be free and fair. Diplomats were asked if they had any questions. However, they did not ask any questions in the briefing. "We are aware of the incidents that took place on the 28th, the footage that was immediately available on that day; I sent them to foreign missions. Today (October 30) they have been shown various documents, including video footage of their violence.

Asked what the statement of the foreign diplomats was, Shahriar Alam said that their expression showed that they were very surprised to see them. Regarding the election, the state minister said that to participate in the election, you have to participate according to the process mentioned at present. Responding to a question about the us president's alleged adviser, Shahriar Alam said the US Embassy in Dhaka has sought consular access for the so-called US adviser.

Seven of the world's most influential countries issued statements on the Events of October 28 before the government briefed diplomats on behalf of the government yesterday afternoon. The statement issued by the governments of Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States expressed deep concern over the violence. The countries also issued statements expressing grief over the deaths and condolences for the injured. In a statement issued on Monday, the seven countries called on "all parties to shun violence and create an environment for free, fair, participatory and peaceful elections." They also called on all parties to exercise restraint, avoid conflict and work together to create an environment for free, fair, participatory and peaceful elections. ’

On October 28, tension first erupted in front of Kakrail Mosque over BNP's rally in Nayapaltan. On the way, miscreants threw bricks at a bus carrying Awami League workers going to Baitul Mukarram rally. They also go with sticks. The Awami League claimed that BNP leaders and activists started the clash. While trying to control the situation, clashes broke out with the police; This later led to a series of clashes in the area. Then at around 1 pm, the clash spread from Kakrail to the BNP rally. As time went on, BNP-police clashes turned Kakrail, Shantinagar, Nayapaltan, Bijoynagar, Fakirapul, Arambagh and Dainik Bangla Mor areas into battlefields.

Police constable Amirul Islam Parvez was killed in the clash; Shamim Molla, leader of Ward No. 7 of Mugda Police Station of Jubo Dal, was killed in the clash. BNP leaders, activists, police and journalists were also injured. The statement issued by the seven diplomatic missions called on all parties to shun violence and create an environment for free, fair, participatory and peaceful elections. On the same day, the government also called foreign diplomats to explain the incident.