Saturday, 01 Oct, 2022
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Three-way chemistry in JaPa

Rofiqul Islam

Three-way chemistry in JaPa

The tone of disunity has risen again in the Jatiya Party. The Jatiya Party, founded by former President Hussain Muhammad Ershad, is going to fall under the grip of another step of disintegration over holding the chair of power.
However, this time, his ex-wife Bidisha Ershad is playing the role of the main player of the breakup. She is playing a role in creating disagreement with GM Quader by putting Ershad‍‍`s wife Rowshan Ershad via third party. Although Rowshan Ershad and GM Quader claimed the core, the Jatiya Party is practically divided.

However, the top leaders of the party say that there is no chance of breaking up the Jatiya Party in the current situation. Some bad and mischievous people are expelled from the party to protect the image of the organization. This will make JaPa stronger organizationally.

Jatiya Party presidium member Sahidur Rahman Tepa told Daily Post that Jatiya Party is one. The chairman of this party is GM Quader. No one else has the right to speak about it. But if someone suddenly forms a party and demands a Jatiya Party, it cannot be stopped. However, the Jatiya Party is one in body and there is no chance of this party breaking up.

Claiming that the bad and mischievous people within the party have been identified and released, he added that the accused are being released to protect the image of the Jatiya Party. Such decisions are taken according to the constitution of the party and through the opinion of the presidium members. Exemption will not affect the Jatiya Party. Rather, it is a relief to have identified the bad guys within our party. Sahidur Rahman Tepa also said that Hussain Muhammad Ershad‍‍`s wife Rowshan Ershad is not a member of Jatiya Party. He is just an ordinary member of the party. According to the constitution of the party, he has no power to call any conference. He pointed out that the ongoing conflict within the Jatiya Party will not have any impact on the 12th National Assembly elections and the grassroots of the party.

Jatiya Party is on the brink of collapse, according to JaPa sources. There is a leadership cold war going on within the party. The top leaders of the party are located in two poles. Recently, after the release of Moshiur Rahman Ranga from all positions including presidium members, the tension in JaPa‍‍`s leadership has become visible. The organizational weakness of the party has been revealed. Moshiur Rahman Ranga added fuel to the fire by threatening the chairman after being dismissed from the party.

After being released, he said, I will see how GM Quader does politics in Rangpur by releasing me from the party. I am the Opposition Chief Whip in Parliament. Rowshan Ershad made me Whip, he (GM Quader) can‍‍`t take my post even if he wants to. I will see how he does politics. In the meantime, JaPa has released another leader. The party has exempted advocate Ziaul Haque Mridha from all party posts, including the chairman‍‍`s advisor and primary member posts.

This information was confirmed in a press release signed by Jatiya Party‍‍`s joint office secretary Mahmud Alam on Saturday. It is said in the notification that Jatiya Party Chairman Ghulam Mohammad Quader has exempted former member of parliament Advocate Ziaul Haque Mridha from all party positions, including chairman‍‍`s advisor and primary member positions, by virtue of the powers given in the party constitution.

GM Quadre supporters are saying that the 12th national parliament election is ahead. Those who are harmful to the party and party politics are being expelled before this election. Because if there are mischievous and bad people inside the party, the party will be weak organizationally. That is why the exemption has been given.

On the condition of anonymity, a top leader of the Jatiya Party told Daily Post that the Jatiya Party is on the verge of final collapse. Ershad‍‍`s ex-wife Bidisha Ershad is playing the role of the main player of the team‍‍`s breakup. Some people in the party are working for him. How can erosion be created on a large scale before the 12th National Assembly elections? He claimed that Bidisha is busy with that effort.

According to him, Bidisha Ershad‍‍`s wife Rowshan Ershad is playing a role in creating disagreement with GM Quader. Creating discord within the party.

However, Bidisha did not agree to comment to Daily Post about this. She said, I cannot talk about it now. According to sources, after the death of its founder late President HM Ershad, the party has been victimized in politics for personal interests as well. Without thinking about the future of the team, GM Quader and Rowshan Ershad have repeatedly stepped up for personal interests in both circles. A compromise was reached by getting the chairs they wanted. However, there is pressure from third parties to bring GM Quader to compromise. However, no one has agreed to talk publicly about the third party.

Analysts say that in political history, Ershad‍‍`s Jatiya Party has always been a party to prioritise interest. Since its inception, it has been known as a divisive party. Everyone in the group is always ready to take personal advantage. And when someone is deprived of the benefits, they start a conspiracy against the party, including Vishodgar. Just as the desired position is easily found in the party, the position is lost if there is disagreement. Basically, many times the party has become a victim of the politics of self-interest. They believe that a part of the faction within the party is creating new divisions to gain advantage in the 12th National Assembly elections.

Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunnu told Daily Post that if someone does anti-organization activities, then it must be done free of trouble. Jatiya Party is doing that. He also said that there will be no crisis if those involved in anti-organizational activities leave the Jatiya Party.