Thursday, 23 May, 2024
Thursday, 23 May, 2024
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SSC and equivalent exam result-2024

High pass rates with low GPA-5

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High pass rates with low GPA-5

# Highest pass in Jashore, lowest in Sylhet

# Girls ahead of pass rate as well as GPA-5

# 100 pc pass educational institutions increased

# No one passed in 50 educational institutions


In this year's Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations, girls performed better than boys. They have also shown surprise in 9 general education boards and madrasah board as well as technical education board. The girls are also ahead of boys in getting GPA-5.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the publication of the results at Ganabhaban yesterday. Chairmen of 11 education boards handed over a summary and statistics of the results of SSC 2024 to the Prime Minister. Education Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury and State Minister for Education Shamsun Nahar were present on the occasion.

The average pass rate this year is 83.04 percent. Last year, the pass rate was 80.39 percent. That is, the pass rate has increased by 2.65 percent compared to last year. The pass percentage of male students is 81.57 percent and that of female students is 84.47 percent.

An analysis of the results of 11 education boards shows that the pass rate of girls in all the boards is 84.47 percent. On the contrary, the pass rate of boys is 81.57 percent. Of these, girls are ahead in the results of 9 general education boards. The pass rate of girls in 9 boards is 85 percent. On the contrary, the pass rate of boys is 82.39 percent.

The same picture has been seen in the Madrasah and Technical Education Board. In the Madrasah Board, 80.57 percent of the girls who took part in the Dakhil examination passed where the boys passed 78.70 percent. And in the SSC (Vocational) and Dakhil (Vocational) examinations under the Technical Education Board, the pass rate of girls is 88.03 percent, while the pass rate of boys is 79.19 percent.

Meanwhile, the pass rate in 9 general education boards is 83.77 percent. According to the results, the pass rate 83.92 percent in Dhaka, 89.13 percent in Barishal, 82.80 percent in Chattogram, 79.23 percent in Cumilla, 78.40 percent in Dinajpur, 89.26 percent in Rajshahi, 73.04 percent in Sylhet, 84.97 percent in Mymensingh and 92.32 percent in Jashore.

The pass rate in the Madrasah Education Board is 79.66 percent and the pass rate in technical is 81.38 percent. The total number of candidates of 9 general education boards is 16 lakh 6 thousand 394. Of these, 13 lakh 45 thousand 678 have passed. The total GPA-5 got one lakh 63 thousand 845. There were two lakh 84 thousand 665 candidates in the Dakhil examination under the Madrasah Board. Of these, two lakh 26 thousand 754 people have passed. GPA-5 got 14 thousand 206. The total number of candidates of the technical board was one lakh 22 thousand 538. Of these, 99 thousand 721 have passed. 4 thousand 78 people got GPA-5. One lakh 82 thousand 129 people got GPA-5 in the general education board, madrasah and technical board. Among the students who got GPA-5, 98 thousand 776 were female and 83 thousand 353 students.

In this year's SSC and equivalent examinations, all the candidates from 2,968 educational institutions have passed. Last year, there were 2,354 such institutions. That is, the number of educational institutions with 100 percent pass has increased to 614. On the other hand, not a single student passed from 51 educational institutions. Last year, there were 48 such companies.

During the inauguration of the results, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said to the guardians, do not abuse children those who could not pass. Children needs support from their parents in this time. Look at them with sympathy. They need to find out why they couldn't solve the problem. We need to pay more attention to studies.

The Prime Minister also said, "I can say from my experience that if children are told too much, they lose interest in reading. We need to create an environment that makes them interested in reading. And today's digital age children are more talented. So you have to give that talent a chance to develop."

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the authorities concerned to find out the reasons why the male students are lagging behind the female students in the number of secondary students and the pass rate.

She said, "We know that education is the backbone of the nation. There can never be progress without educated people. That is why our government always gives importance to education. We don't call it spending on education. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said it is an investment. We invest in education."

Meanwhile, the SSC and equivalent examination started on February 15. The written test ended on March 12. The practical test was held between 13 and 20 March. Under 11 education boards, 20 lakh 24 thousand 192 examinees took part in SSC and equivalent examinations this year. Of these, 16 lakh 6 thousand 879 candidates are under 9 general education boards. Dakhil examinees under the Madrasah Education Board two lakh 42 thousand 314; one lakh 26 thousand 373 people took part in SSC and Dakhil examinations under the Technical Education Board.