Thursday, 23 May, 2024
Thursday, 23 May, 2024
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Hijacking in Dhaka runs entire year

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Hijacking in Dhaka runs entire year

"A big part of robbers are drug addicts. So, drugs should be controlled, and police in crime-prone areas should be held accountable."

Dr. Touhidul Haque, Social and Crime Expert

‘’Security meeting is being held of the cow market on upcoming Eid-ul-Azha. There is no let-up in our efforts to catch the culprits.’’

Hayatul Islam, DC of Motijheel division of DMP


The activities of hijackers in the capital are happening more or less throughout the year. However, the hijackers became reckless in the capital during the two Eids. For this reason, law and order forces have urged passengers and pedestrians to be careful on the occasion of the upcoming Idul Azha. Crime experts have called for law enforcement to be strict. They believe that robbery will be eradicated if action is taken against drugs.

In this regard, Dhaka University's social welfare and research institute associate professor and society and crime expert Dr. Tauhidul Haque said, suppressing robbery is not difficult if done sincerely. I thank the Dhaka Metropolitan Police for the task force they have formed to prevent robbery. But it is not enough to form a task force, the main problems must be identified.

He also said that the police in those areas where there are more robberies should be held accountable. We have seen that a large proportion of robbers are drug addicts. Apart from this, many have chosen robbery as a profession. They get arrested, go to jail, get out on bail, and start robbing again. I think that the law that is there to suppress robbery, that law needs to be amended. Apart from this, if the robbers are rehabilitated, the robberies will decrease.

It should be noted that on the night of May 4, a woman was robbed while going in front of Rajarbagh police hospital along with my girlfriend. The victim woman said that when the robber came with a motorcycle and pulled my bag, I fell from the rickshaw on the road. A CNG-driven autorickshaw stopped behind. A major accident could have happened if the car had not stopped. I survived because of God's help. But my grief, how can the robbers do such a thing despite having Paltan police station nearby?

In this regard, the investigating officer of the complaint, Sub-Inspector (SI) of Paltan Police Station Alamgir Kabir said, we are analyzing the CCTV footage. We are trying to identify the hijackers. More incidents like this have happened in this place during last Eid. We then arrested the robbers along with the motorcycle. This time the robbers will not be able to pass, they will be caught.

Meanwhile, on May 8, another robbery incident took place in the afternoon at the Naboday Housing area in Mohammadpur. Zahirul Islam was robbed while cycling along road number 3 of the area to deliver food around 3:30 pm. Two robbers called him from behind and stopped him. Later, he took out the chapati, snatched the mobile phone, and ran away. At that time the people around also ran away in fear. Later he went to a nearby pharmacy and took first aid.

In this incident, the victim Zahirul Islam filed a complaint at Mohammadpur police station. After seeing the CCTV footage, the police arrested two robbers named Mehedi (20) and Ruhul Amin (21). Besides, many victims of looting did not inform the police to avoid administrative difficulties.

The law and order forces say that this time around Eid-ul-Azha, precautions have been taken so that the businessmen can travel to the cattle market and buy and sell animals comfortably in the capital.

Commander Arafat Islam, director of the Rapid Action Battalion's (RAB) law and media wing, said that they will take action if any specific complaint of looting is brought to the battalion in that area. Apart from this, like other times, this time too there will be security arrangements at the animal market of Idu ul Azha. We will set up a support center market.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Motijheel Division of DMP Hayatul Islam said that the police are always active in catching criminals. Some hijackers were arrested last Sunday. Earlier, two persons from a group involved in buying stolen rickshaws were arrested. Complaints about hijacking are being dealt with promptly.

When asked why the looters are not being suppressed after so many operations, he said in a media interview that it cannot be said that it is not being suppressed. But it is not completely suppressed. There is no let-up in our efforts to catch the culprits. A security meeting is being held at the cow market during Eid al-Azha.

Requesting the rickshaw pullers, he said, it is better not to eat anything from unknown passengers. There is a risk of your car being stolen. I have been in trauma since this incident. He said that he had filed a written complaint at Paltan police station.