Tuesday, 29 Nov, 2022
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Production of fuel oil by burning polythene-plastic

Staff Reporter

Production of fuel oil by burning polythene-plastic

MA Rashid Arif, a young entrepreneur, has been successful in producing experimental fuel oil by burning polythene in Barishal BSCIC. Ma Rashid Arif, director of M/s Hasina Cottage Industries located in BSCIC city, said that if the project is profitable by calculating the cost, then it will go into production on a large scale.

Arif, a young entrepreneur, said, "We have already taken up a project to make fuel oil by recycling discarded polythene and plastic. Which is still in the experimental stage. For now, we are calculating how much fuel is made from any type of polythene and how much it costs.

And we are also seeing how much output will come after the cost and how much profit we can make from it. If the project is profitable, I am thinking of setting up a plant on a large scale. Where we will try to make fuel oil from one to two thousand kilograms of polythene-plastic every day.

In the experimental project, on Thursday evening, it was found that a large tin drum was filled with polythene and the heat of the fire was given by closing the mouth. In the heat, the substance coming out of the pipe attached to the drum is first entering another cylinder.

Then from there, through the pipe, inside the drum filled with water (to cool a little), diesel, then petrol, then octane is coming out in separate cylinder cut containers. Apart from this, gas is also coming out separately. A cylinder in the middle of the process is also being heated by setting fire to the head of the gas.

Replying to a question from journalists, he said, "A few days ago, I saw on YouTube that fuel oil is being produced from plastic and polythene at home and abroad. Seeing their tutorials, the thought of doing something for Barisal came to my mind. And from this thought, I have prepared the experimental plan.

Arif said that at present it is possible to produce diesel, petrol, and octane fuel oil from it on an experimental basis. And when we are heating the plastic, a steamy shape is created first. Later, three types of fuel oil were made from there, but gas is being produced. The gas that we can use as fuel for the project.

He also said, "If it rains in our BSCIC area, now the roads and the surroundings of the houses are often submerged in water. Even Barisal city is submerged if there is a little rain. While searching for the reason for this, I saw that the discarded polythene and plastic are blocking our drainage system. And with the thought of solving this problem, I started thinking about removing the discarded polythene easily.