Tuesday, 16 Jul, 2024
Tuesday, 16 Jul, 2024
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Six lakh cataract patients in country

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Six lakh cataract patients in country

-About 80 pc patients are in villages

-Lack of awareness increasing infection rate

-With timely surgery, it's possible to recover 100% vision, experts say


At present, more than 6 lakh people are suffering from cataracts in the country. With this, more than two lakh new patients are being added every year. But what is alarming is that almost 80 percent of these patients are from villages. People are not much aware of the disease there. Despite the increase in the scope of treatment at the local level, including community clinics and vision centers, many patients remain out of treatment due to ignorance and negligence.  Ophthalmology experts have called upon the patient to be aware of the family members as well as to seek medical help in time to prevent this 100% curable disease.

This information was given in the press conference titled 'June: Cataract Awareness Month' organized by the Bangladesh Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons at Bangladesh Eye Hospital and Institute yesterday. Chief guest Professor Dr. Ava Hossain said that the surgery was not done until the cataract was in the last stage. A lot has changed since then. Due to modern treatment, this operation can be done very easily in less time. Those who come to us are under treatment, but many patients are staying at home, and not receiving treatment. However, with timely surgery, it is possible to recover 100% vision. She said cataracts occur in children and older adults due to trauma. That's why awareness has no limits. Children need to see if their retinas are intact when they are injured, or they will soon have cataracts. We neglect cataracts. That's why everyone should be aware about cataract problem and how to survive.

Community clinics can be utilized in this regard. First aid is available. The biggest issue is setting up vision center at upazila level. Besides, camps are organized by the society in rural areas. In this event organized on the occasion of Cataract Awareness Month, it was informed that 80% of cataract patients are from villages. There is a lot of lack of awareness among the people there. Don't care before cataracts develop. Patients and family members are especially reluctant to undergo surgery. However, if early measures are taken, it is possible to get treatment from this disease without surgery to a large extent. Many government as well as private institutions and organizations are restoring full vision through free cataract surgery. At that time, the former president of Bangladesh Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (BSCRS) Dr. Mahbub said that in the last few decades eye treatment has become more modern than any other treatment. Cataract is the most common surgery in the world. Yet we still have a massive lack of awareness. Therefore, if not only the government but also private hospitals and various organizations come forward, it is possible to prevent cataracts.

Secretary General of BSCRS Dr. Ishtiaq Anwar said that not only doctors but media also have to play a big role to get rid of blindness due to cataract. Cataracts mostly affect older people. When they no longer have their own performance and decision-making opportunities. That is why family members should be aware. Relief is possible if action is taken before it becomes serious.' President of the society Professor Dr. Ashraf Saeed said, "In our country, if the parents have cataract, the children do not want to operate, they neglect it."

Therefore, awareness among family members is essential. This will enable many elderly people to be self-reliant. Most people in the village have no idea that cataract can be cured by surgery. At present there is treatment capacity in government and private hospitals even at the upazila level. A lot of important surgeries are going on. There is ignorance even among the educated. Not having surgery has a huge negative impact on mental health.