Saturday, 02 Dec, 2023
Saturday, 02 Dec, 2023
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House boats on Kaptai lake

Rangamati Correspondent

House boats on Kaptai lake
Photo: Daily Post

In the middle of Kaptai Lake surrounded by blue water, there are shade-dense green hills surrounded by large trees. As soon as one enters the island, the cottages of various sizes will be caught in the eye.

Tourists can be seen the Kayaking in the swimming pool in front of the cottage and in the middle of the lake. Many such resorts have come up around Kaptai Lake in Rangamati. Tourists are also coming to these resorts as comfortable rooms, various flavors of food and entertainment materials like star-quality hotels. There are also night-time facilities on floating house boats of the lake. Overall, Rangamati's tourism industry is changing around Kaptai Lake.

It was known that in 2002, a restaurant and resort named Peda Tingting was opened in the middle of Kaptai Lake. It was the first popular restaurant and resort in the district. Since then, many resorts have been built over the lake at different times. In the last five years, 10 to 12 resorts have come up on the banks of Kaptai Lake and on various islands of the lake. The number of modern house boats is also increasing.

Dipanjan Chakma, owner of Nilanjana Resort, a tourism businessman here, said local entrepreneurs are investing a lot in Kaptai lake-centric tourism. Tourism opportunities have increased a lot in the last few years. Isolated islands are being used to attract tourists.

Zila Parishad member Meuching Marma said there is immense potential for tourism with hills and Kaptai lake in Rangamati. But for a variety of reasons, it hasn't happened yet. However, in the last few years, local entrepreneurs have made significant progress in tourism. For these reasons, the number of tourists is increasing.

He also added that however, there has been no official development. The ministry of tourism and the Zila Parishad are jointly planning to take the tourism sector forward in Rangamati. A proposal has already been made to the Hill Ministry.