Thursday, 23 May, 2024
Thursday, 23 May, 2024
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Tourists flock to Rangamati

Rangamati Correspondent

Tourists flock to Rangamati
photo: Daily post

The tourist town of Rangamati returned to its familiar form after the country's political situation improved somewhat. Tourists are flocking to enjoy the beauty of Hrid Hill. Every tourist spot has become a face with their walk. It is as if the businessmen of the related sector have come back to life.

On the surface, it was seen that there was a crowded crowd of tourists on the suspension bridge. Apart from this, Cloud Kingdom Sajek, Paulwell Park, Naynaviram Asambasti Road, and Sublong Jharna are now crowded with travelers. All hotels, resorts, and cottages in the district are almost 100% booked. The boat is moving in the calm blue water of the lake. Nature lovers are enjoying the view of the lake and mountains sitting on a boat. The houseboat is not left out. Besides, many people buy their favorite products from textile shops decorated with colorful clothes. Tourists are very happy.

Houseboat owner Mizanur Rahman said that tourists had stopped coming due to the ongoing political unrest in the country. Even in this winter season, we were sitting. Now the situation has improved a bit and tourists have started coming. Our business is improving. I hope this trend continues.

Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Rangamati branch manager Alak Bikash Chakma said, our motel rooms are fully booked. After many days it seems that the tourist season has started. Not only us, but all residential hotels, cottages, and resorts are booked. If this trend continues, it will be possible to earn the desired revenue.

According to data from the Rangamati Chamber of Commerce Industry, the district receives about 5 lakh tourists every year, the lion's share of which comes during the winter season.