Saturday, 02 Dec, 2023
Saturday, 02 Dec, 2023
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Bridge over Rangamatia Canal

Work unfinished even in three yrs

Mymensingh Correspondent

Work unfinished even in three yrs

The work of Rangamatia Canal Bridge in Phulbaria upazila of Mymensingh was supposed to be completed on December 20, 2021. But even after passing three years, 40 percent of the bridge is not completed. Work has been suspended for five months. The manager of the contractor could not say when the work would be completed.

The bridge over Rangamatia Canal is located on Phulbaria-Trishal Dhurdhuriya road. The Rangamatia canal from Kanai Beel is connected to the Akhalia River. A 60-metre RCC girder bridge is being constructed over the canal, 100 metres north of the river. M/s Islam Brothers, a Dhaka-based contractor, got the responsibility of constructing the bridge. The cost is estimated to be around Tk 3.40 crore.

According to the agreement, the construction of the bridge started on January 7, 2021. It is scheduled to end on December 20 of that year. However, the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) has written nine letters to the contractor so far as it could not complete the work. The contractor took the time to respond to the letter. According to the latest time, the work of the bridge is scheduled to be completed in December this year.

According to local people, thousands of people of Khalaipura, Radhakanai, Dhurdhuria, Joyda, Muthbari, Salimpur, Chaudhar, Chagalchera and Palashtoli villages travel with numerous battery-operated rickshaw, vans and cars every day. Besides, many students of Kazi Nazrul Islam University in Trishal travel through this road.

On the spot, it was seen that the work of the RCC girder bridge over the Rangamatia Canal at the end of Phulbaria and Radhakanai union has been stopped. There are no contractors or construction workers. The under-construction bridge's base girder rods are being damaged by rust. Iron shuttering poles are installed to top a section on the east side of the bridge. The brick-and-stone boxes (small scales) placed under the poles in the shuttering have been given. Only base girders are made on the west side. Some bundles of rods lying on the side of the bridge are being damaged by rust.

When contacted, Md Nazrul Islam, manager of the contractor company, said, "We are not able to complete the work of the bridge due to lack of funds. I can't say when the work will be completed. The people of the village have been suffering for three years and we are also suffering a lot."

LGED Upazila Engineer Mahbub Murshed said about 60 percent of the construction of the bridge has been done. According to the agreement, the work is scheduled to be completed on December 20, 2021. The contractor has extended the time several times to complete the construction. We have written to them nine times to complete the work within the stipulated time.