Thursday, 23 May, 2024
Thursday, 23 May, 2024
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Mother award is a great event ever: Sanjida

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Mother award is a great event ever: Sanjida


The Bangladesh National Parliament whip advocate Sanjida Khanam, MP remarked this at the presentation of 'Maa Padak 2024' presented to Perfect Electronics was completed for the third time in a colorful arrangement at the ballroom of Hotel Regency in Nikunj yesterday.
She said, "It is great to present the mother's medal to the mothers of all the proud children. It is because of the suffering of the mothers that the children succeed and the mothers are honored. Today we see their bright faces.”

Special guest member of parliament of Dhaka 10 Constituency and actor Ferdous Ahmed said, 'This initiative of Ovi Moinuddin is really admirable. My mother also got an honor in this event also because of my success, what can be a bigger achievement in a lifetime. Only one hopes, we don't want any old age home in Bangladesh. May all parents stay with their children, stay with their families.

The event was presented by Shanta Jahan, Program President and General Secretary of Ali Rupa Foundation, Abdul Haque and Founder of Perfect Electronics. And every mother received 'Maa Padak 2024' from CEO Golam Shahriar Kabir.

Under the overall supervision and patronage of 'Ali-Rupa Foundation' and the initiative of journalist Ovi Moinuddin, 'Maa Padak 2024' is chaired by legendary actress Anwara Begum, mother of MP and actor Ferdous Ahmed along with choreographer-dancer Shamim Ara Nipa, teacher Golam Jilani, Dr. Mukta Saha, Shanta Sarkar, Actress Richi Solaiman, Rafiat Rashid Mithila, Kaya Payal, Actor Intekhab Dinar, FS Naeem, Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture Sheikh Hafizur Rahman, Lyricist-Playwright Zamir Uddin Milan, Actor Emon, Actress Mim, Singer Yusuf, singer Luipa, presenter Rouhani Labanya, Land Ministry Assistant Commissioner Saidul Islam Saeed and Sadia Nancy's mother were given 'Maa Padak 2024'.

Each mother is presented with a medal as well as a crest and certificate from the Foundation. Apart from this, gifts were also given by the American color cosmetic brand - 'Harlan', which was overseen by Hero Emon. 'Royal Cafe' and 'Premium Tours A-Travels' extended their support to complete the entire event successfully. On the occasion of the birthday of Vidya Sinha Mim's mother, everyone cut a special cake brought by 'Haor Jeans' at the end of the medal ceremony.

Rashed, Yusuf, Luipa, Lavanya and Mithila performed music at the end of the program.