Tuesday, 16 Jul, 2024
Tuesday, 16 Jul, 2024
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MP Anwarul killed in India

Doubts about finding the body

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Doubts about finding the body

# Three detained, interrogation underway, mourning at home 

# India won't comment on Anwarul Azim issue right now

# Kolkata Police suspect three men took body through luggage


Who did this? Want to see father's killers hanged: MP's daughter

Probe underway to find out cause of MP Anwarul murder: DB chief


Kolkata Police is yet to recover the body of MP Anwarul Azim Anar. In meantime, the home minister and law enforcement said that he was murdered. Police have arrested three people in this connection. The interrogation is currently ongoing.

India has so far not commented on the situation in the death of MP Anar. However, Indian police said that blood stains were seen from a house in Newtown of Kolkata. But they have not yet confirmed whether MP Anar's body is in that house. Meanwhile, mourning is going on in his village home. Although the murder took place in India, the home minister said it was done by Bangladeshis. No one in India has done this.

Until yesterday night, from the disappearance of Anar to the recovery of the body, the whole time was surrounded by mystery. 'How did he disappear', 'What is his relationship with the gold trader Gopal Biswas, whose house he went to', 'Where did Gopal Biswas get the news of the recovery of the body' and where is the body now? Kolkata Police is yet to make any official statement.

However, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said that the murder was planned in a planned way. Three people have been arrested in connection with the murder of MP Anar. Nothing more can be said for the sake of the investigation.

MP Anar's alleged friend Gopal Biswas, a gold trader from Kolkata's Baranagar, told the Kolkata media that a man from his house had gone to drop Anwarul in a car. The man saw that there was another person in the car besides the driver. The MP sits in the back seat. Anwarul Azim also lived in an apartment in New Town.

Gopal Biswas said, "The enquiry officer did not tell me anything. It has only been said that the car in which Anwarul Azim was boarded has been traced. It is known who the driver was. But it is not known where the MP was taken. He told me I'd be back in the afternoon. But instead of returning, he sent a message in the afternoon that he was going to Delhi. The next day, he reached Delhi and again messaged that he had reached Delhi. On May 17, the MP's daughter called and said that she could not find her father. We've been looking for it ever since. I filed a missing diary with the police station without finding it."

Meanwhile, the Kolkata Police is now on the lookout for the person who was in the car with the MP. According to police sources, the MP went to Kolkata on May 12. There were three other people with him in the flat where he was staying. On May 13, he left home in a rented car at 1:41 pm. He has not been heard from since.

Deputy Commissioner of Kolkata Bidhan Nagar Police Manav Shringla said, "During interrogation, the cab driver revealed that Anar was killed and his body parts were scattered." However, the Kolkata Police has not yet officially said whether MP Anwarul Azim was killed or whether his body has been found.

Officials of the Anti-Terrorist Unit of the West Bengal Police said that during the investigation, they first arrested the cab driver carrying MP Anwarul Azim. The cab driver told them that after taking MP Azim in his car, three more people got into the car. Two of them are male and one is female. Later, the four went to the house in Kolkata's New Town. In the CCTV footage, the four men were seen entering the house. Later, three of them came out of the house, but MP Anwarul was not seen again.

ATF (Anti-Terrorism Front) officials said, "Two of them returned to Bangladesh. When the intelligence department of Bangladesh was informed, they arrested the two and interrogated them. The information given by them has been reported to the Kolkata Police. Later, police confirmed the death of MP Anwarul Azim. There were blood stains inside the flat in New Town, police said. Local police officials said CCTV footage showed that the flat to which he was taken was surrounded by police. No one is allowed to enter now."

According to Kolkata Police, he was taken to Sanjiba Garden, an elite apartment in Newtown, on the afternoon of May 13. He was accompanied by two men and a woman. All four of them went to flat number 56 in BU block of the residence. Based on blood stains and multiple footprints, police believe the four were together that night. Then he was killed there. Later, the miscreants took out the body pieces in the luggage. It takes three days to do this. They went out with luggage every day as planned. Police believe the woman came out first. The Kolkata Police has arrested two persons in this connection. However, the police did not open their mouth about who was arrested, whether they were Bangladeshis or Indians.

Akhilesh Chaturvedi, head of the state police's intelligence wing, said nothing can be said for the sake of investigation. The detective chief said the investigation will be completed soon through CCTV footage and linkman.

Police said the flat was owned by Sandip Ray. He is in the excise department of the Government of West Bengal. But he rented the flat to a Bangladeshi expatriate named Akhtaruzzaman in the United States.  Where is the Bangladeshi expatriate in the United States? Police say they are not going to give any information about it right now. However, the police are sure that it is not a case of disappearance, but a planned murder. Forensic department officials are now working in the flat.

Additional Commissioner of Detective Branch (DB) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Mohammad Harun-ur-Rashid has said that the investigation is underway to find out the reason behind the murder of MP Anar. He said the victim's daughter will file a case with the police over the incident. Our officials are fully cooperating with her. Harun said, we have asked Anar's daughter Doreen to file a case with Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station. Our officials are cooperating with her in filing the case. The case will take place today. He also said that the incident is very tragic. He was a popular public representative of Jhenaidah-Kaliganj area. The common people of his area are stunned. We are working very seriously. He is a three-time Member of Parliament. Investigators are working on the assumption that it was a brutal murder. I am in close touch with the Indian police. We have a few people, we are getting important information from them. We can't say everything for the sake of the investigation.

MP Anar's daughter Doreen said, "I want a fair investigation into who killed my father and why. I want to see the end of this, why did they kill my father? May I see my father's killers hanged." 

According to local sources, Anar once controlled extremists in the south and west. He was also named in the police register as a smuggler in arms and explosives. He was known as the godfather of the dreaded terrorists and extremists for a long time by dodging the eyes of the law enforcement agencies. There were more than nine cases against Anar on charges of smuggling arms, explosives, drugs and gold, extortion, tender manipulation, grabbing and sheltering extremists. Police once detained him as an accused wanted by Interpol, but his cadres attacked the police and snatched him. Police filed a case against him in this connection. During the four-party alliance government, Anar went into hiding during the operation of the joint forces.

Political activists of Jhenaidah said Anar got involved in drug dealing when the Jatiya Party was in power in 1986. He used to smuggle through the Baghabhanga border of Bangladesh through the Bagda border of India. At that time, his force made 'tokens' on a monthly contract with Kaliganj Police Station, Maheshpur, Kotchandpur and Jibannagar Police Station of Chuadanga. As soon as the token was shown, the administration people would release the vehicle carrying drugs. From this token trade, Anar became known as the 'drug lord' of the Southwest. He also became the owner of huge money through drug dealing. In 1991, Anar got involved in gold smuggling with another smuggler Paritosh Thakur of Jhenaidah. They used to smuggle large consignments of gold from the capital to the neighboring country through the Baghadanga border. Anar joined the ruling Awami League in 1996 from the BNP. He was involved in arms smuggling with the help of a commissioner of Kaliganj municipality with drug and gold smuggling. His illegal arms consignment was sold to extremist cadre Samsel alias Robin. It is said that after hiding in India, Prakash, a top terrorist named by the government, continued to smuggle arms through him. Anar had a drug business with drug kingpin Jayanta Kumar, Kartik, Gautam Saha of Bagda area and Devdas of Bongaon.

According to sources, in 2007, the then Border Security Force (BSF) seized 12.950 kg gold from Loknathpur area of Chuadanga. The smugglers confirmed that C&F trader Saiful Islam of Darshana Shyampur handed over the gold. Saiful was the victim of target killing in that incident. He himself was involved in the syndicate of gold smugglers. A total of 25 people were accused in the murder case. The following year, police pressed charges against 19 people, including extremist leaders Mukul, Shahin Rumi, smugglers Paritosh Thakur and Anar of Jhenaidah. In 2012, Paritosh, Anar and several others were acquitted in several cases on political considerations on the recommendation of the Ministry of Home Affairs. A special court in Chuadanga issued a public notice in 2009 to arrest Anar in the case. Ten days later, on January 21 of the same year, law enforcers raided his house in Nischintapur village to arrest him. However, it was not possible to arrest him. Several leaders of the upazila Awami League said that after the formation of the Awami League government in 2009, the cases against Anar gradually started decreasing. When he was elected MP in 2014 on the Awami League ticket, he freed himself from most of the cases due to power.