Tuesday, 16 Jul, 2024
Tuesday, 16 Jul, 2024
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MP Anwarul Murder in India

Now search for chopped body

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Now search for chopped body

# Mastermind of the murder is US expatriate Akhtaruzzaman Shahin

# After the strangulation, the body pieces were scattered in different places

# Bangladesh remands 3 accused for 8 days

# Butcher Jihad remanded for 12 days in India


Those who killed my father had planned the murder for a long time

- MP Anar's daughter


The horrifying stories of the murder of Jhenaidah-4 constituency MP Anwarul Azim Anar are coming out one after another. The police and other agencies are investigating the murder and as time goes on, bone-chilling horrific information is now coming to light.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of West Bengal Police arrested Jihad Howlader, an illegal immigrant, in connection with the incident. Since then, significant progress has been made in the investigation.

During primary interrogation, Jihad said that after killing MP Anar, the body was cut into pieces after peeling the skin. To destroy identity, the meat of the dead body is minced and kept in polypacks; the bones are also cut into small pieces. They are then packed in plastic packets and dumped in different places.

Citing several sources, the Indian media NDTV said in a report yesterday. According to the report, the body of the Bangladeshi MP was skinned after being murdered in an apartment in Kolkata. The bodies were then dismembered and packed in several plastic packets and dumped in various places across the city. Jihad Howlader has confessed to his involvement in the killing and dismemberment of a Bangladeshi MP in an apartment in Kolkata's New Town. Basically, after his arrest, a startling description of how such an incident of murder was deliberate, planned and executed has come out.

Jihad Howlader also said that the mastermind of the murder was a Bangladeshi-born US citizen named Akhtaruzzaman Shahin. At the behest of Akhtaruzzaman Shahin, Howlader and four other Bangladeshi nationals strangled MP Anar to death in New Town Apartment.

Meanwhile, Anwarul Azim Anar was last seen in CCTV footage of the apartment complex in Kolkata. The West Bengal CID found blood stains inside the apartment in New Town and seized several plastic bags from there. They believe that these bags were used to dump body parts. The mastermind of the killing, Akhtaruzzaman Shahin brought Jihad to Kolkata two months ago. The CID on Thursday night searched it the canal near Krishnabati bridge of Polerhat under Kolkata Police area in search of the body of the slain MP. The canal flows in front of the residential complex in the New Town area where MP Anar was murdered. However, nothing was found there.

Meanwhile, the court granted an eight-day remand for three accused arrested in Bangladesh in connection with the murder. The remanded are Syed Amanullah Aman alias Shimul Bhuiyan, Faisal Ali Saji alias Tanvir Bhuiyan and Silisti Rahman. Police produced them in court yesterday. After that, the investigating officer of the case DB Police Assistant Commissioner of Police Wari Zone Mahfuzul Islam applied to remand them for 10 days. After the hearing, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Dilruba Afroz Tithi granted their eight-day remand. Earlier on May 22, MP Anar's daughter Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen filed a case of abduction with intent to murder at the Sherbangla Nagar police station in the capital.

According to the statement of the case, we live as a family in Manik Mia Avenue house. Last May 9 around 8 pm, my father Anwarul Azim left for Anar's village home Jhenaidah. On May 11, around 5:30 pm, when I spoke to my father on a video call, my father's speech seemed a bit incoherent. After that, I called my father's mobile number several times but it was disconnected. On May 13, Wazir's uncle received a text message from her father's Indian number on WhatsApp. It read, 'I am going to Delhi suddenly, I have VIPs with me. I am going to New Town for Amit Saha's work. No need to call me. I'll call later.' A few more messages also came. The text messages may have been made by the kidnappers using my father's mobile phone. She also mentioned that I kept looking for my father in different places. Finding no trace, his friend Gopal Biswas filed a general diary at the Baranagar Police Station in India as a plaintiff. Still we continue to search. Later, I came to know through various media and social media that unknown persons had kidnapped my father in pre-planned and connivance with each other.

On the other hand, the Barasat Court of West Bengal has granted 12-day police remand to Jihad Howladar, accused in the murder of Anwarul Azim Anar in India. He was taken to the courtroom of Chief Judicial Magistrate (CGM) Judge Subhankar Biswas around noon yesterday. Later, the judge granted a 12-day remand. Earlier, a case was filed by the State Intelligence Police in the name of Jihad on the charge of brutal murder. He has been booked under four sections 364, 302, 201 and 120B of the Indian Penal Code. The state police presented Jihad as a 'skilled butcher' before the judge.

Earlier on Thursday, Jihad Howladar was caught by the detective police in Gopalnagar of Bangaon region. Police said he was planning to flee to Bangladesh. According to the police statement, the accused Jihad is Bangladeshi and a 'skilled butcher'. He was living in Mumbai illegally. In cross-examination, his name is Jihad Howlader, his father is Zainal Howlader, he is a resident of Khulna. It is said that the police will remand Jihad and conduct a search operation again.

Meanwhile, relatives and activists are waiting for the body of MP Anwarul Azim Anar, who was murdered in Kolkata. Almost three days have passed since the murder was confirmed, but his body has not yet been found, and the relatives are getting frustrated.

MP Anar's daughter Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen arrived in Kaliganj yesterday. Sitting in front of the house on Bhashan Road, he demanded justice for his father's killers. At that time, Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen said, "I have received a visa for India. But the DB office told me to go to India when required. He said, those who killed my father, they killed with pre-planning. Killed my father after planning for a long time. They have done this after planning for two months. Many people are involved in this murder. A fair investigation will reveal who is involved. The administration has to find the person whose name has come up. He should be brought back from abroad. He may have many more at the top of his head. I am law abiding, whatever comes out through investigation, be it political or non-political, I want punishment. My father has been doing politics in Kaliganj city for 35 years, he must have enemies. It is not possible to throw away the fact that killing is not a political issue.