Thursday, 23 May, 2024
Thursday, 23 May, 2024
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National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital

All Modern service at affordable cost

Sahidul Islam Bhuiyan

All Modern service at affordable cost

-It will be world's largest neurosciences hospital with 1,000 beds

We, the Neurosciences Hospital family, are proud to be associated with the visionary vision of the Prime Minister for the development of the health sector.

- Prof. Dr. Md. Badrul Alam Mondal, Joint Director, National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital


Many people think that treatment in government hospitals is more suffering than service. But there is also an opposite picture. The National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, of Dhaka is one of the opposites. As soon as you enter the hospital, summer flowers are decorated on both sides. The environment is much neater than any conventional government hospitals. The hospital started its journey in 2012. Now one and a half to two thousand patients are taking health care every day. Earlier, people did not realize that they had neurological problems. Now people rush to the hospital if they see that they have headache, epilepsy, and stroke. The name of the National Institute of Neurosciences is spreading to everyone as it goes above and beyond to ensure the service of the people in the face of adversity.

All neurological diseases from children to the elderly can be treated in this hospital. Patient pressure started in the hospital from morning. Patients from different parts of the country rush here to get services. In the morning, after visiting the outdoor area, if necessary, take specialist services in the afternoon. Then, if necessary, admission, examination or operations are all done at low cost in this hospital. And all these can be done by patients at a very low cost.

The hospital initially started with 300 beds. The number of patients increases with time. At one time it was increased to 500 beds. But under the pressure of the patient, the place was not being settled. Later on the instructions of the Prime Minister this time it has been increased to 500 more beds. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will soon inaugurate the new 15-storey building with 500 beds. The number of beds in the hospital will be 1000 which will become the largest neurosciences hospital in the world. There is no such large neurological treatment hospital anywhere else in the world. America has a hospital with 750 beds. All equipment including ICU, CCU of the new building of the constructed hospital will come from different European countries including America, France, Germany, and London.

There will be modern ICU with 30 beds. 20 bed SDU, Cath lab will be latest. The operations that will be done here will be done through blood vessels without cutting the brain. If the blood vessel is narrowed, an angiogram will be performed. When the new building of the hospital was inaugurated, medical experts felt that even a century ago, 80% of people in this country did not get neurological treatment. But after the establishment of the specialized hospital that has reduced to a great extent. As a place of service and trust in the hospital, many recover and fit. Doctors-nurses are specialists at the National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital. Many foreign surgeons are also operating here. Professor Dr. Samanta Lal Sen, Health and Family Welfare Minister, said about the National Institute of Neuro Sciences and Hospital, if the neurosciences hospital is increased to 1000 beds, Bangladesh will introduce itself in neuro treatment in the whole world. We have undertaken all the activities to modernize the hospital. Neurosciences Hospital is another reflection of Prime Minister's visionary thinking in health care.

The director of the hospital is renowned neurologist Professor Dr. Kazi Deen Mohammad said; Prime Minister always gives us direction to improve the quality of service. He wants people to get treatment in the country. Neurosciences Hospital is always committed to neurological services. Neurosciences Hospital will play a role in the implementation of Prime Minister's Smart Health Services.

National Institute of Neurosciences and joint director of the hospital Professor Dr. Badrul Alam said, if the hospital is increased to 1000 beds, the scope of neurological services in the country will increase. People come to us expecting service. Neurological treatment is expensive but here people get world class services at low cost. Many complex and expensive operations are also done for free. The expansion of the hospital will increase the number of Neuro specialist doctors in the country which will bring revolutionary changes in our healthcare sector. We, the Neurosciences Hospital family, are proud to be a part of the Prime Minister's dedicated efforts for the development of the health sector.