Thursday, 23 May, 2024
Thursday, 23 May, 2024
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Tension rise amid UP Polls

Hridoy Mahmud Rana, Manikganj

Tension rise amid UP Polls


There is extreme tension between the supporters of Shibaloy Upazila Awami League (AL) President Alhaj Abdur Rahim Khan and Shibaloy Upazila AL Vice President Rezaur Rahman Khan. As a result, locals fear a major clash at any time.

Besides, the incidents of cocktail explosions, beatings and shootings surrounding the elections are creating fear and doubt in the public mind.

Due to the disturbance caused in Aricha Doctor Khana area due to the installation of election posters, it was alleged that the supporters of the rival candidate came to the spot and abused Rahim Khan's staff and fired several blank rounds. The supporters of Abdur Rahim Khan's Duat Kalam blocked the road, angry over the shooting incident. As a result, commuters complained that vehicles and passengers plying through Aricha Ghat suffered from getting stuck on the way.

Alhaj Abdur Rahim Khan, vice-president of Manikganj district AL, candidate for Duat Kalam symbol, said, “My opponent Anaras symbol run terrorist forces, shot and bombed my car. I have filed a case in that incident.”

On the same issue, AL president of Shibaloy Upazila AL candidate for Anaras symbol, freedom fighter Rezaur Rahman Khan Janu said, “I don't know where, who, or who shot. All the allegations against me are false.”

A Rauf Sarkar, officer in charge of Shibaloy police station, said that two parties have filed a case in this regard. The incident is under investigation. Our people are working in the field. He said that necessary measures will be taken after proper investigation of the incident.