Thursday, 23 May, 2024
Thursday, 23 May, 2024
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1000 bed is not enough in SBMC, more needed: Health Minister

Barisal Bureau

1000 bed is not enough in SBMC,  more needed: Health Minister

Health Minister Zahid Malek stated that the situation was not favorable based on what he observed when touring the several wards of the SBMC Hospital. There isn‍‍`t any room for feet on the floor since there are too many patients.

Even after the medical unit was moved to the new building, I still observed a lot of patients on the balcony and corridor. A large number of patients are also present in the ancient building, where there are also patients on the floor. Following a morning visit to the Divisional Cancer Hospital, SBMC Hospital under construction, and Shahid Sukant Babu Children‍‍`s Hospital on Thursday, January 19, he made these comments to media.

The health minister stated that we have a plan in place to add 1,000 beds to each of the country‍‍`s eight divisions‍‍` ancient hospitals. However, after visiting the Sher-e-Bangla Medical College (SBMC) Hospital in Barisal, I realized that more beds are required because even 1000 beds won‍‍`t suffice. He declared that we do not want the way that patients are being treated. Every patient in the nation should receive treatment in a dignified manner from their bed. The promise, direction, wish, and hope of the prime minister are as follows. We are attempting to put it into practice. The historic SBMC Hospital building‍‍`s floors and walls are in poor shape.

The infrastructure has deteriorated because the construction is 55–60 years old. I believe this area requires modern infrastructure. He added that everyone had had vaccinations and that the corona had been treated well under the Prime Minister‍‍`s guidance. People can receive treatment because they are healthy. Everyone is welcome to visit the hospital; there is no reason for anyone to be afraid. I noticed that nobody in the hospital is wearing a mask. This indicates that everyone has received a Corona vaccination. Every person have bravery. Here, you‍‍`ll find everything you need, including equipment and infrastructure. In addition to these hospitals, we will meet with the district and Upazila hospitals‍‍` health officers, listen to them, and offer them the necessary instructions.

The minister said, I went to Shaheed Sukant Babu Children‍‍`s Hospital earlier, the four-storey building of this modern hospital is very well built. All the work to start the hospital is almost completed. Very soon it will be opened for children and mothers of this area and they will get better treatment there. Although the hospital has 400 beds, from now one to 150 patients will be able to receive treatment there. 

There will be ICU, CCU and operation theatre, scan unit will be set up. He said that new infrastructure is being built for the hospital to treat cancer, kidney and heart diseases. There are eight such hospitals in eight divisions. As a result, there will be about 4,000 beds in eight departments. Through this the people of the country will get better treatment and will not have to go abroad. Once it starts, cancer patients will be able to get treatment here. No need to go to Dhaka. And those suffering from kidney and heart problems can also avail the service. These diseases are on the rise in the country, through which nearly 70 percent of people die. He said that kidney, heart and cancer diseases have increased a lot in the country. We have to be aware so that these diseases do not occur. Diseases will be less if you are aware in advance. And if it happens, you have to get treatment. The government is taking care of that. Therefore, if the hospitals under construction in the country are opened, there will be no more pressure on Dhaka. And there will be big facilities in these places. Addressing the hospital staff, Minister Zahid Malek said, you will be present yourself, keep the equipment running, keep the hospital clean. Try to provide better service to those who come to take service. During the visit, the Director General of the Department of Health Professor Dr. Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshid Alam along with senior officials of health ministry, directorate and various hospitals were present.