Tuesday, 29 Nov, 2022
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Cancer of the rectum

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Cancer of the rectum

Rectum cancer is the cancer of any part of our anus. This disease is caused by the infection of some viruses called human papillae virus. Therefore, it is possible to prevent this disease to a great extent. 

Who is affected by this disease?

1. A person infected with the human papilloma virus.  2. Patients with low immunity.  3. Those who have a history of vaginal, vaginal tract and cervical cancer.  4. More sexual partners who have a history.  5. Homosexual or intercourse.  6. Smokers. 

Symptoms of the disease

1. Fresh bleeding 2. Swelling around the anus 3. Pain 4. Itching, juiciness 5. Change in bowel habits those who have these habits and something like this occurs around the anus should consult a colorectal surgery specialist doctor without delay.

The doctor will examine the anus and diagnose your disease and stage and determine the treatment method.  The treatment method:

* Can be treated through surgery* Can also be treated through radiotherapy. Treatment can also be done with chemotherapy.  What the treatment method will be depends on the stage and type of the disease. So take the right doctor‍‍`s advice at the right time.


Avoid sex Avoid smoking Avoid multiple sexual partners Stay away from those who have more than one sexual partner


The author is Associate Professor (Department of Colorectal Surgery), Colorectal, Leparoscopic and General Surgeon, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka.  Chamber: 19 Green Road, A.K. Complex, Lift-4, Dhaka.  Phone: 01712965009