Thursday, 23 May, 2024
Thursday, 23 May, 2024
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Fears rise among AstraZeneca vaccinated people

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Fears rise among AstraZeneca vaccinated people

-Thrombocytopenia or platelet deficiency since vaccination

-5Cr 62 lakh 80K 768 ppl received this vaccine in BD

‘No study has been done in country so far. New research must be done’.


Prof Nazrul Islam, Virologist, Former BSMMU VC

‘AstraZeneca vaccine side effects will be tested. If we get proof, we will withdraw this vaccine’.

Dr. Samantha Lal Sen, Health Minister


Oxford AstraZeneca's Corona vaccine is being criticized in different countries of the world. Several deaths from side effects have also been reported in some countries. There has been a case regarding this. Several side effects such as blood clots and low blood platelet levels were reported with the vaccine, which authorities later acknowledged. As a result, the manufacturer withdrew all AstraZeneca vaccines from the market.

According to studies, AstraZeneca and other covid vaccines have helped save millions of lives. Jamie Scott, the father of two children, made the first claim about this last year. He claims he is no longer able to work as a result of brain damage caused by a blood clot after receiving the vaccine in April 2021. The lawsuit, filed under UK consumer protection laws, alleged the vaccine was 'defective'. The reason is that the vaccine was not as safe as expected, the BBC reports.

It should be noted that 5 crore 62 lakh 80 thousand 768 people received this vaccine with the first, second and fourth booster doses among the total vaccinations in Bangladesh. Naturally many of them have a kind of fear and anxiety and apprehension of various kinds. Meanwhile, the government's health minister Dr. Samanta Lal Sen has also directed the health department to find out whether there have been any side effects in people who have received AstraZeneca's corona vaccine in the country. He said those vaccines would not be given if there was any evidence of side effects. 'I have instructed DG Health. Those who have been given this vaccination will survey them and give me a report. Until we get proof, we will not withdraw this vaccine', he said.

In this context, a member of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Corona, the former Vice-Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) and virologist Professor Dr. Nazrul Islam said in an interview that, "We are also hearing that people are facing various problems after taking the corona vaccine. Our doctors and researchers also say that many have had thrombocytopenia or platelet deficiency since vaccination. Many patients have a rapid decrease in platelets in the blood. As a result, the patient is rapidly becoming weak. Now those who have taken the vaccine are seeing such problems. No study has been done in Bangladesh so far. Therefore, new research must be done.

He said that AstraZeneca's vaccine has been developed by using Adeno, a 'vector virus' developed by Britain's Oxford University to prevent coronavirus. This vaccine is very effective. But now many people suspect that there are various problems due to taking the vaccine. We understand that something has happened. But in our country, not only AstraZeneca has given Corona vaccine, but other vaccines have also been given. Blaming AstraZeneca alone has no benefit. So we need to do research to see if those who have only received AstraZeneca and no other vaccinations are having side effects and whether they are due to the vaccination or not.

He also said that people have nothing to worry about. Our tests show that platelets are very low. Many people ask why so few? It may be less likely to occur due to vaccination. However, it is not a matter that someone is dying or will die because of this. So there is nothing to fear. There is nothing to worry about. Worry is a great disease.

According to the latest data from the Department of Health, 15.9 million 25 thousand 600 people have been given the first dose of the vaccine so far in the country. 14.22 million 862 people received the second dose. Also 6 crore 86 lakh 5 thousand 675 people were vaccinated with the third dose and 51 lakh 43 thousand 629 people with the fourth dose.